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Thesis Guidance

Thesis Guidance at IISc Bangalore:

PhD. (Awarded/Thesis Submitted)

  1. Gayathri H, "Macroscopic Crowd Flow and Risk Modelling in Mass Religious Gatherings", (Completed in February 2022). Currently working as a Post Doctoral Research Associate at IST Lab.
  2. V. Harsha, "Evaluating Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Sustainable Urban Transport Measures in India". (Thesis Submitted in Oct. 2020). Currently working as a Research Associate at International Center for Environmental Audit and Sustainable Development, Jaipur
  3. Sai Kiran, “Macroscopic modelling of heterogeneous, disordered road traffic flow”. (Completed in April 2020). Currently working as Consultant with Fluentem India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Varun Raturi, “Analyzing intercity modal choice and competition between High Speed Rail (HSR) and other transport modes in Indian Context”. (Completed in May 2018). Currently working as Research Associate in Transport Analytics (Urban Studies), University of Glasgow, Scotland.
  5. Manoj M., “Analysis and Modelling of Activity-Travel Behaviour of Non-Workers from an Indian city”. (Completed in Nov. 2015) Currently, Asst. Prof. at IIT Delhi.
  6. Rahul T. M., “Non-Motorized Transport Planning for Indian cities”. (Completed in Aug. 2015) Currently, Asst. Prof. at IIT Ropar.

PhD. (On-going)

  1. Karthika P S., " Microscopic modeling of crowd dynamics in mass religious gatherings". (Ongoing since Aug. 2017)
  2. Hemanthini A., " Developing a Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Urban Transport Measures in Terms of Quality of Life (QoL)". (Ongoing since August 2018)
  3. Nipun Choubey, "Sensing & Data Analytics of Large and Unstructured Crowds.” (Ongoing since August 2018, Student from RBCCPS)
  4. Furqan Ahmad Bhat, "Developing decision support framework for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure planning." (Ongoing since August 2019)
  5. Aitichya Chandra, “Operations Planning, Modeling and Optimization of Air Transportation System in India”. (PMRF Scholar - Ongoing since August 2019)
  6. Rohit Singh Nitwal, “Evaluating Sustainable Transport Measures toward fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals”. (PMRF Scholar - Ongoing since August 2019)
  7. Almas Siddiqui, Broad area of research - Urban Form and Sustainable Transport (Ongoing since August 2020)
  8. Harendra Pratap Singh, Broad area of research- Safety of Vulnerable Road Users (Ongoing since December 2021)
  9. Maneesha B, Broad area of research- Disaster Resilient Transport Infrastructure (Ongoing since August 2022) 

M-Tech. (Ongoing)

  1. Kiran Kailas Naik, "Entropy-based Crowd Risk Prediction Model". (Ongoing since August 2021)
  2. Yash Seth, "Electric Vehicle Adoption Behaviour". (Ongoing since August 2021)
  3. Veera Manikanda Prabhu N, "Establishing Connectivity Indices to Analyze Connectivity of Bangalore Road Network". (Ongoing since August 2021)

M-Tech. (Completed)

  1. Ashutosh Dumka, "Developing Quality of Life Index Framework to Evaluate Transport Policies at Local Level" (Completed in June 2022) 
  2. Gaurav Yash Tiwari, "Studying the location preferences of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure" (Completed in June 2022) 
  3. Tarun Khandelwal (Co-Supervisor – Prof. Abdul Pinjari), " Activity-travel behavior modeling of pilgrims in mass religious gatherings". (Completed in November 2021. Student from RBCCPS)
  4. Saransh Sahu, “Accessing Economic Impacts of High-Speed Connectivity and Accessibility” (Completed in June 2021)
  5. Vijay Chauhan, "Accident Analysis and modeling". (Completed in June 2019)
  6. Sandeep Biban, "Activity travel choice analysis of pilgrims in mass religious gatherings". (Completed in June 2018)
  7. Sagar Khurana, "Acceptable trip distance for walking in mass religious gatherings - a case study of kumbh mela". (Completed in June 2017)
  8. Nagesha, "Price Elasticity of Demand for Urban Bus Transit". (Completed in June 2016).
  9. Nagaraj G. "Traffic Signal Timing Optimization for Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Using Modified Webster's Delay Model". (Completed in June 2014)
  10. Annapayya Achari, "Design of Sustainable Metro Feeder Routes and Coordinated Schedules". (Completed in June 2014)
  11. Dinesh Kumar, "Psycho-physical assessment of drivers for improving road safety". (Completed in June 2013)
  12. Amalingaya, "Evaluation of hub-and-spoke model for BMTC operations in Bangalore". (Completed in June 2013).
  13. Varun Raturi, "Environmental Impact Assessment of High-Speed Rail". (Completed in June 2012).
  14. Sahodar Gade "Traffic Signal Optimization considering Stochastic Variability of Indian Traffic Conditions". (Completed in June 2012).

Thesis Guidance at IIT Guwahati

M. Tech
S. Sreenivasulu (2009) "A Goal-Oriented Approach for Developing Urban Transport Strategies for Indian Metropolitan Areas". (Jointly guided with Prof. Manfred Boltze from TU-Darmstadt , Germany , under DAAD academic exchange program)
B. Tech

  1. Rohit Kumar Rai (2007) Optimization of Mass Transit Network Using Ant Colony Optimization Technique.
  2. Sudarshan Saraf (2007) Development of a Methodology of a Multimodal Multiobjective Passenger Information System Using GIS.
  3. Vaibhav Aggarwal (2007) Trip Generation Modelling for Thane City.
  4. Saurabh Kasturia (2008) Developing Transit Itinerary Planning System in GIS.
  5. Rohit Shankar (2008) Expert System for Developing Urban Transport Strategies.
  6. Ella Shalparni (2008) Traffic Management Strategies During Disaster.
  7. Devendra Upadhaya (2009) Rail Transit Corridor Identification Using GIS.
  8. Sandeep Injarapu (2009) Air Travel Demand Modelling for Indian Cities.
  9. Shailesh Chauhan (2009) Influencing Traffic Problem Parameters through Improved Driver Education and Licensing.