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Welcome to IST Lab!

This lab was set up at IISc Bangalore to contribute to research and teaching in the broad area of Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE). The lab aims to promote vibrant sustainable communities by redefining the approach to urban transportation planning and policy, encouraging intelligent transportation, and improving the quality of life. The specific areas of interest of the lab. includes; sustainable transportation planning & policy, integrated public transport planning and management, transport & Quality of Life (QoL), transport & climate change, disaster resilient transport, modeling and optimization of transportation systems, travel behavior analysis and modeling, pedestrian and crowd flow modeling, driver behaviour and road safety, intelligent transportation system (ITS), traffic control & management etc.


Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma
Convenor, IST Lab

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To be among the world's foremost research labs. in the area of Sustainable Transportation and contribute to India's overall growth and social welfare


1.To carry out high impact and socially relevant fundamental and applied research in the area of Sustainable Transportation to generate new knowledge and disseminate it through publications in top journals and conferences.
2.To impart world-class teaching in the area of Sustainable Transportation and produce high-quality transport professionals  
3.To use unbiased and research-based evidence for advocacy of sustainable transportation system and influencing transport planning and policy in India   
4.To offer scientific expertise and leadership on initiatives related to sustainable transportation by government or non-government organizations 


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