Adaptation of irrigated agriculture to climate change.

Near surface soil moisture retrieval using RISAT SAR data and its assimilation for root zone soil moisture estimation at watershed scale.

Validation of MT rain rate products and its application in hydrology in the Kabini river basin.

Assimilation of remote sensing data for modeling the land surface fluxes at watershed scale using a distributed hydrological model.

Retrieval of root zone soil moisture from near-surface measurements.

Socio-economic Assessment of the rural Vulnerability of water users under stressors of global changes in the Hard rock area of South India.

Characterization of groundwater flow regime in fractured aquifer system.

Hydro-bio-geochemical cycles in two experimental watersheds of South India.

Assessing groundwater storage changes and sustainability due to climate change in the semi-arid watersheds of South India.

An integrated study of hydrology and mineralogy for assessment of water quantity and quality in the sub-catchment/ watershed

Application of integrated surface water and groundwater models using remote sensing and GIS for Gundal river basin.