Prof. P. Anbazhagan, Department of Civil Engineering, IISc Bangalore

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Field Experience:

7 Years in Construction Industry

Term:January-April (From 2008)
Engineering Seismology-CE289

Course Content:

Introduction to earthquake hazards: strong ground motions, tsunamis, landslides, liquefaction ; Overview of plate tectonics and Earthquake source mechanisms; Concepts of seismic magnitudes and intensity; A seismic station: sensors and data loggers, Mechanical and digital sensors; Interpretation of Seismic Records - acceleration, velocity and displacement; Regional seismicity, earthquakes in India, Attenuation, recurrence relation. Theory of wave propagation: Body waves and Surface waves. Seismic Hazard Analysis - Deterministic and Probabilistic hazard analysis. Seismic Zonation - scales, Macro and Micro, Site characterization -different methods and experiments. Local site effects: ground motion amplifications, Development of response /design spectrum. Liquefaction hazard assessments. Risk and Vulnerability Studies.

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Term:August-December (2007-2012)
Subsurface Exploration and Soil Testing -CE202: Core Course

Course Content:

Problems and phases of foundation investigations. Geophysical, sounding, drilling and accessible explorations. Sample requirements, sampling methods and equipment. Handling, preservation and transportation of samples. Sample preparation, laboratory tests, analysis of results and interpretation, importance of in-situ testing. Performing various in-situ tests.Precautions and interpretation, Site evaluation and reporting, Block vibration test. Reference Compendium of Indian Standards on Soil Engineering Parts 1 and II 1987 - 1988. CIVL 296 Engineering Computations at University of Wollongong, Australia (Feb- July 2009)


Course Code Title Remarks
CE202A Integrated Investigation of Dams New Course from 2022
CE227 Engineering Seismology Since 2008
NPTEL 105108204 Introducation to Engineering Seismology 2020;2021&2022
CE202 Foundation Engineering 2019
CE201 Basic Geomechanics 2017
CE 266 Pavement Engineering 2014-2017
CE202 Subsurface Exploration and Soil Testing 2007 -2012
CIVL 296 Engineering Computations At University of Wollongong, Australia (Feb- July 2009)

Guidance of students for research conferment:

Ph.D Guided - 6
StudentName Research Topic Years of Admission Supervisors Status
Abhishek Kumar Seismic Microzonation of Lucknow Based on Region Specific GMPE's and Geotechnical Field Studies 2007-2013 T.G.Sitharam & P.Anbazhagan Completed
Anitha Kumari S. D. Effect of Particle shape on the Mechanical Behaviour of Granular Media: Discrete Element Simulations 2008-2013 P.Anbazhagan &T.G.Sitharam Completed
Aditya Parihar Seismic Site Classification and Response studies of Shallow bedrock site 2009-2014 P.Anbazhagan Completed
Deepak G.B. Influence of Chemo- Mechanical Factors on compression and undrained strengths of soft Kaolinites prepared using synthetic sea water 2011-2016 Sudhakar Rao M & P.Anbazhagan Completed
Manohar D.R. Characterization of Sand-Rubber Mixture and Numerical Analysis for Vibration Isolation 2011-2016 P.Anbazhagan Completed
Ketan Bajaj Development of Design Spectra for Shallow and Deep Soil Sites considering Regional Specific Parameters - Received Prof. NS Govindrao Medal for Best Ph.D. Thesis 2014-2019 P.Anbazhagan Completed
Chavan Dhanaji S Liquefaction Resistance and Cyclic Response of Air - Injected Desaturated Clean Sandy Soil: Experimental and Numerical Investigations 2016-2021 T.G.Sitharam & P.Anbazhagan Completed
Deepu Chandran 2-D Subsurface profiling and site response analysis of shallow bedrock sites 2011-2021 P.Anbazhagan Completed
Kunjari Mog Dynamic Properties and Liquefaction Studies of the Indo-Gangetic Region Soils under Uniform and Random Earthquake Loading Condition 2015-2022 P.Anbazhagan Completed
M.E Dissertation Guided - 11+1
Student Name Title of M.E project thesis Supervisor Year Status
Deepu Chandran Characterization of Pavement and Subsurface using Non-Destructive Testing P.Anbazhagan 2009-2011 Completed
Panneer Selvam L Development of Hammer Energy measurement instrument P.Anbazhagan 2011-2013 Completed
Anoop Bhardwaj Effective Depth of Soil Column for Site Response Studies of Deep Soil Sites P.Anbazhagan 2012-2014 Completed
Anwar Hussain Asphalt pavement Evaluation using conventional and Ground Penetrating Radar Survey P.Anbazhagan 2013-2015 Completed
Sundara raj Study the Impact of Pavement Condition on Fleet Operation Cost of Bus P.Anbazhagan 2014-2016 Completed
D. Prakash SPT Hammer Energy Measuring Apparatus and Effect of SPT Hammer Energy on Liquefaction P.Anbazhagan 2015-2017 Completed
Ayush Agarwal Liquefaction Assessment Using SPT-N and Shear Wave Velocity (Practice and Problem) P.Anbazhagan 2015-2017 Completed
Jayant Mehra Rapture based Seismic Hazard Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants Sites P.Anbazhagan 2016-2018 Completed
Pushkar Vijay Mahajan Different wave propagation in the soil and composite material P.Anbazhagan 2017-2019 Completed
Harish Thakur Intensity, Duration and Arias Intensity Predicative Equations for India P.Anbazhagan 2019-2021 Completed
Arindam Das Tripura Seismic Hazard Analysis by Alternate Approach P.Anbazhagan 2019-2021 Completed
Sannibabu Reddi Model studies of P & S wave under different degree of saturation P. Anbazhagan 2021-2023 Ongoing
J G Jashwanth Measurement of Di-electrical permittivity of Soil for different density and moisture content P. Anbazhagan 2021-2023 Ongoing
Kavya S Future seismic hazard values of Dams using regional rupture character P. Anbazhagan 2021-2023 Ongoing
Hosting Visiting/PDF fellows
Fellow Name Fellowship Name Research Topic Duration PhD institute
Dr. JanarthanaBoobalan A Post Doc in Research Project HVSR for the Indo-Gangetic Plain 6 Months (Nov 2017 to April 2018) Pondicherry University
Mr. Juan Bernal-Sanchez Bhabha Newton Fellowship Rubber soil mixtures for the mitigation of earthquake building damage 2 Months (April- June 2018) Edinburgh Napier university
Dr. K. Saravanan Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship Characterization & Rehabilitation of Polluted Soil - Groundwater in Lower Noyil River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India Using Integrated Geophysical Testing, Activated Graphen and Hyper Accumulating Phytophil Techniques 3 years( 2018-2021) Pondicherry University
Kiran Somasundar M International visiting student from RMIT University, Australia Effect of water table on P& S wave velocities through seismic borehole survey methods 1 years(April 2021- March 2022) RMIT University, Australia
Dr. N Srilatha TARE Fellowship for M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology Faculty Studies on characterization of construction waste and tyre waste mixture for train vibration isolation 3 years(Oct 2022- Sep 2025) IISc Bangalore
PhD Theses Supervision - 8
Student Name Research Topic Year of Admission Supervisors Status
Mir Zeeshan Ali Cyclic Resistance of Indian Soil August 2022 P.Anbazhagan Course Work
Panjami K ERP Effective subsurface profiling through multiple testing and integration by machine learning l August 2022 P.Anbazhagan Course Work
Harish Thakur Understanding Seismic Amplification in Undulated Terrains August 2021 P.Anbazhagan Completed Course Work
Shimna M ERP Development of Region-Specific Design Spectrum August 2020 P.Anbazhagan Completed Course work
B. Sai Laxman QIP Effect of Silt content on relative density and shear modulus and damping model August 2020 P.Anbazhagan Completed Course work
Yadhu Nandan Standard Penetration Test Hammer Energy - Measurement, Calibration and Correction Factors August 2019 P.Anbazhagan Completed Compere Exam
Ayush Kumar Shear wave velocity Measurement by different Techniques and implication on site characterization August 2018 P.Anbazhagan Completed Compere Exam
G. Silas Abraham Site Specific Seismic Hazard and Numerical Analysis of Earthen Dam August 2017 P.Anbazhagan Completed compere Exam
M.Tech -Research Theses Supervision - 1
Student Name Research Topic Years Supervisors Status
Sagar Ingale Measurement of Hammer Imagery in SPT Testing using Indigenous Developed SPT-HEMA 2017-2010 P.Anbazhagan Completed
Sauvik Halder Field scale measurement of ground water table fluctuation and its effects on soil properties August 2021 P.Anbazhagan Completed Course Work
International Joint Research Projects
Sl No Project Title & Funded by Investigators Duration(Years) Funding Received (Lakh Rupees)
1 Prediction of soil hydro agricultural properties using Ground Penetrating Radar for improving Agricultural practice- Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration, MHRD, India Ref: SPARC/2018-2019/P375/SL dated 15/03/2019 Indian PI : Prof. Anbazhagan P, IISc Indian Co-PI : Dr. Raghuveer Rao P IISc International PI : Prof. Marco Bittelli,UNIBO 15/3/2019 -31/3/2022 64.96
Research Projects
Sl No Project Title & Funded by Role Duration(Years) Funding Received (Lakh Rupees)
15 Study of Strain Dependent Dynamic Properties and development of shear modulus and damping curves of Dispersive Soils- DST SERB Co-PIr Dec 2021- Nov 2024 40.36
14 Effect of Shear Wave Velocity Calibration on Amplification of Shallow and Deep Soil Sites- M/s. SECON Private Limited, Bangalore Principal Investigator August 2018- March 2023 51.162
13 Development of correction factors for standard penetration test N values in India through energy measurement and field experiments - Step towards a reliable Liquefaction Potential Assessment Principal Investigator May 2017-Sep 2021(Completed) 26.56
12 Seismic Hazard Analysis Considering Regional Uncertainties by BRNS Principal Investigator (July 2016-March 2020)(Completed) 43.51
11 Measurement of shear wave velocity at deep soil sites and site response studies (2015-2018), DST SERB Principal Investigator 3.5(Completed) 43.17
10 Seismic Vulnerability Assessment using High Resolution Remote Sensing Data for Disaster Management (2013-2015) Principal Investigator 2 (Completed) 10.66
9 Seismic Site Classification for Indian Shallow Soil Deposits by BRNS (2012-2015) Principal Investigator 3(Completed) 133. 30
8 Low Cost Damping Materials Using Waste Tyres for Seismic Isolation (2010 -2013) Principal Investigator 3(Completed) 7.44
7 Characterization of Rail Track Ballast Fouling using Ground Penetrating Radar and Field Sampling (2011-2013) Principal Investigator 2(Completed) 8.32
6 Course material preparation for NPTEL -MHRD (2011-2012) Principal Investigator 2(Completed) 2.50
5 Site Response Studies Using Strong Motion Accelerographs- MoES (2008-2011) Principal Investigator 3 (completed) 28.64
4 Structural Assessment of Existing Road Pavement Using Field and Laboratory Experiments-CiSTUP (2010-2011) Principal Investigator 1(Completed) 4.34
3 Course material preparation for NPTEL -MHRD (2010-2011) Principal Investigator 1(Completed) 2.50
2 Site Characterization of Indo-Gangetic plains with Studies of Site Response and Liquefaction Hazards -MoEs (2009 -2012) Co- Investigator 3(Completed) 60.00
1 Probabilistic Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential with Local Site Effects (2009-2011) Co- Investigator 2(Completed) 11.37

Past Research Associates

  1. Mr. Ravinesh Kumar (Jan 2019- March 2022)
  2. Ms. Divyashree (March 2020-March 2022)
  3. Mr. Siriwanth Kumar (Sep 2019- March 2022)
  4. Mr. Karthik Udupa (Nov 2020-June 2021)
  5. Mr. Raja B (Nover 2020-June 2021)
  6. Ms. Divya E (June 2020-March 2021)
  7. Mr. Vishwas Ramachandra (July 2019-Nove 2020)
  8. Ms. Jyotsana C, UVC Bangalore( July 2020-October 2020)
  9. Ms. Anusha, M.E M.Tech IISc(Jun 2020 - August 2020)
  10. Mr. Suhas, SRM Chennai(May - June 2020)
  11. Ms. Anusha, M.E(May 2020 - June 2020)
  12. Mrs. Jeyanthi R (April 2019- May 2020)
  13. Mr. Balakumar A ( June 2018- April 2019)
  14. Mr. Shiva Shankar M (September 2017- April 2019)
  15. Mr. Shaivan(September 2017- December 2019)
  16. Mr. Siddharth Prabhu (August 2017- March 2019)
  17. Mr. Bala Murali Kumar B (October 2018- Junly 2019)
  18. Ms. Sibi Mathew(November 2018 - July 2019)

Current Research Associates

  1. Ms. Malashree (from Sep 2021)
  2. Ms. YAKSHA V (from Nov 2021)
  3. Mr. Chandan G V (from May 2022)
  4. Mr. Nithul V (from April 2022)
  5. Mr. Aamir Gulzar (from Sep 2022)

UG/PG Students from Other Institutes -Interns)

  1. Ms. Anusha, M.E M.Tech IISc(Jan 2020 - May 2020)
  2. Ms. Divya E, B.Tech(7 Oct 2018 - May 2020)
  3. Ms. Jyotsana C, UVC Bangalore( October 2019 - June 2020)
  4. Mr. Suhas, SRM Chennai(July 2019 - April 2020)
  5. Mr. Masroor Shafi, NIT Srinagar(24 Dec 2018 - 7 Feb 2020)
  6. Mr. Shakir Rather, NIT Srinagar(24 Dec 2018 - 7 Feb 2020)
  7. Mr. Sheikh Junaid Fayaz, NIT Srinagar(24 Dec 2018 - 7 Feb 2020)
  8. Mr. Meer Mehran, NIT Srinagar(10 Dec 2018 - 10 March 2019)
  9. Mr. Mohammad Rafiq, NIT Srinagar(10 Dec 2018 - 10 March 2019)
  10. Ms. Princess Mahapara,NIT Srinagar(10 Dec 2018 - 10 March 2019)
  11. Ms. Toiba Noor,NIT Srinagar(10 Dec 2018 - 10 March 2019)
  12. Mr. P Kamalhasan, (Jan 2019 to July 2019)
  13. Mr. Raghavendra M S, M.E. (15 Dec 2018-)

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