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Seismic and Vibration Recordings & Interpretation

Reliable estimation of seismic hazard and risk assessment requires understating seismicity, seismotectonic and attenuation and amplification characters in the site/ region. So deployment of seismic instrument can help to record region seismic events and use them for site specific seismic hazard and risk assessments. Prof P. Anbazhagan lab equipped with modern seismometers useful for the following study

> Running Temporary Seismic network to assess region seismic activity

> Study on identification seismic active sources potential for future seismic hazard a risk in the region

> Study of seismic wave attenuations character to develop ground motion predication equation (GMPE) and also identify most reliable seismic GMPEs for seismic hazard a risk estimation

> Establishing and Running Seismic array to understand site specific amplification and develop site specific design spectrum

> Measurement of predominant frequency of the site using H/ V Ratio technique

Urbanisation increases underground and surface transportations induce excessive vibration to structure and soil. Also unplanned installation of cell phone tower, cooling/chiller units for high computation facilities increases vibration to structural elements. Unauthorised quarrying of aggregates and msand using blasting can cause excessive blasting load and vibrations for human settlement and also important structures like Dams/ historical Temples etc. Monitoring amplitude and frequency content of these vibrations to reduce and isolate the same. Systematic selection of instruments and proper instrumentation can help study these vibration and design vibration isolation scheme.

The following equipment's are available for the above studies and design analysis.

Sl. No Name of Equipment Specification & Model Number of equipment
1 Seismometers/Velocity Sensors Trilium Compact 120 S by Nanometrics Velocity response from 120 seconds to 100 Hz 3
2 Titan Accelerometer Force balance with a dynamic range of 166 dB over a wide frequency range from DC to 430 Hz (-3 dB point) by Nanometrics 1
3 Digital Seismometer GEOtiny Bandwidth of 10s to 120 Hz by GEObit Instruments 4
4 Micromate Blast Monitoring Equipment MICROMATE by Instantel- Triaxial Geophone Frequency vibrations from 30 Hz to 1000 Hz. Linear Microphone 2

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