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Geophysical Method for Agricultural Practice

Soil properties such as soil type, mineral composition, gradation, porosity and water holding capacity are important parameters for scientific and efficient agricultural practices. Presently these parameters are obtained through random pit excavation and soil sampling (about 1 sample per 10 acres) and most of these properties are arrived from indirect correlation through small soil sample from big area. There is high possibility of misinterpretation and human errors are associated in the Agricultural soil mapping through present manual practice. Understanding of soil physics in root zone area plays an important role in prediction of Soil hydro agricultural properties and Agricultural management.The project focuses on development of a model to characterize field variability of soil moisture, soil salinity and soil hydraulic properties by adopting integrated ground penetrating radar (GPR) approach. Field GPR and laboratory TDR (Time-Domain Reflectometry) experiments will be carried out at selected sites with different soil types and model will be developed to predict soil hydro agricultural properties of different soils. These models will be useful to identify soil hydro agricultural properties of unknown sites, which will help to manage crop selection, irrigation water control and management and also to identify soil modification for better yielding.

Objectives of the Research

    * Identification of agriculture sites with different soils for the study by considering crop and geology background.

    * Detailed field Ground Penetrating Radar survey and soil sample collection.

    * Measurement of soil hydro agricultural properties using collected soil samples in laboratory using TDR.

    * Study of GPR signals and developing numerical scheme to interpret radargram with changes in soil hydro agricultural properties.

    * Relating GPR signal with soil hydro agricultural properties of the soil.

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