Research Guidance

Ph.D (Completed)

  1. Seshagiri Rao R, (2003) Response and reliability analysis of buried flexible pipes

  2. Murthy, D. S. N. (2006) Probabilistic site characterization and reliability analysis of shallow foundations and slopes

  3. Vasudevan A K (2007) Effect of coir fibers on the engineering properties of soils in the context of sustainable development

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  6. Vikas Pratap Singh (2009) Response and reliability analysis of soil nail walls.

  7. Amit Srivatsava (2009) Risk analysis of dams under static and earthquake loadings.

  8. M V Raghavendra Rao (2011) A simplified approach of modeling the behaviour of unsaturated soils

  9. Sandeep K Chouskey (2013) Stress and deformation analysis of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) based on Constitutive modeling Approach.

  10. Deepthi, M D (2015) Stochastic modeling of flexible pavement performance

  11. Lakshmikanthan P (2015) Evaluation of engineering properties of municipal solid waste for landfill design

  12. Ph.D (Ongoing)

  13. Lekshmi Jaidev Nair Geosynthetic pavements analysis and design

  14. Santhosh L G Risk analysis applications in landfills.

  15. Geetha Manjari Reliability analysis of NSDF facilities

  16. Pinom Ering Risk methodologies for landslides under the influence of rainfall and earthquakes

  17. Sughosh. P Bioreactor landfills- Role of methane and leachate generation in design and analysis

  18. Bharadwaj Pandit Risk and reliability analysis in rock engineering problems

M.Sc (Engg.)

  1. Bijoy, A C (1999) Comparative analysis of slope stability methods.

  2. Srinivas, Allada (2001) Numerical analysis of in-situ reinforcement techniques.

  3. Sandeep Kumar Chouksey (2009) Analytical models for stress strain response of fiber reinforced soil and municipal solid waste.

  4. Geetha Manjari Probabilistic analysis of random reinforced soils

  5. Mandeep Pandey Role of unsaturated mechanics in landfills


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