PhD - Civil Engineering 2006, Purdue University


Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science, 2016 - present

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, 2010- 2016

Research Assistant Professor, Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, 2009-2010

Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Materials Processing and Tribology, 2007-2008


Basic Geomechanics in the fall semester

Introduction to the Theory of Plasticity (jointly with N. Sundaram) in the spring semester

Mechanics of Granular Materials (jointly with P.R. Nott) in the spring semester

Research interests

Experimental solid mechanics, Plasticity theory, Soil mechanics, Image based deformation measurements, Slow flow of granular materials.

Lab Members

Dr. Ramesh K Kandasami PhD ( March 2016)

Shwetabh Yadav

Saurabh Singh

Abhijit Hegde

Shravan Kumar (jointly advised with Professor M Allam)



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Lab Alumni

Aakash B S (currently graduate student, The Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Saurabh Singh (currently PhD student, IISc)

Sulaiman Dawood (currently engineer at CTL Engineering Inc, USA)

Sriram Valavala (currently engineer at Parsons Brinkerhoff, USA)


Christopher Saldana, Georgia Institute of Technology

Granular Mechanics Laboratory
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Indian Institute of Science
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