Department of Civil Engineering
Convener, IISc-ISRO Centre of Excellence in Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, 560 012. India.


Research Interests

  • Geometrically inspired and gauge theories for continuum mechanics of solids (emphasizing non-Euclidean defect kinematics)
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of solids and fluctuation relations valid far from equilibrium
  • Defect engineering and metamaterials with acoustic band gaps
  • Optimization based on stochastic search on Riemannian manifolds
  • Computational Mechanics: Mesh-free and Finite Element Methods; Peridynamics; SPH-based simulations in computational impact dynamics
  • Mechanics of structured continua; the role of local symmetry in the continuum physics of solids; applications to modelling of plasticity, damage, piezo-electricity etc.
  • Stochastic Filtering Techniques for Inverse Problems; nonlinear structural system identification and medical diagnostic imaging in soft materials
  • Bayesian updates on Riemannian manifolds