Bio-data of Prof. R. N. Iyengar


Raja Ramanna Fellow at IISc, Bangalore. Tel:080-22932818(o); Fax:080-23600404;



Retired in July 2005 as K.S.I.D.C Chair Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Also at Center for Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012.


Formerly Director  (April 1994 - April 2000)

Central Building Research Institute, CSIR, Roorkee - 247 667



Date of Birth                                          2nd June 1943


Fields of Research                                            Disaster Mitigation, Structural Dynamics, Random                                    

                                                                        Vibration, Nonlinear Systems.

                                                                        Earthquake Engineering, Railway Track-dynamics

                                                                        Rainfall Modelling, History of Science


Educational                                                    B.E. (Civil)            MysoreUniversity, 1962

                                                                       M.Sc. (Engg.)Indian Institute of Science, 1966

                                                                       Thesis : ‘Vibration of Beam and Slab Bridges'.


                                                                       Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, 1970 

                                                                       Thesis : 'Nonstationary Random Process Model 

                                                                                       for Earthquakes’ 


Honours and Distinctions


*Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

*Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi.

*Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad.

*Member, Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials.

*Member, European Academy of Sciences, Brussels


Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship (Senior), Germany 1978 to 80, 1992, 1997


First Prize of the Railway Board for the paper 'Identification of Damping in Railway Vehicles under Running Condition’ 1989-90.


National Representative, General Assembly of IUTAM 1987-92


Plenary Speaker GAMM Conference, on Applied Mechanics, Leipzig, Germany, 1992


Distinguished Schmidt Visiting Chair, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, U.S.A. 1995,


Shelter Award by the Shelter Promotion Council of India, Calcutta, 1996


Sir M. Visvesvaraya Award for Senior Scientists for life time Contribution to Science and Technology ; Govt. of Karnataka, 1996.


Narayanan Memorial lecture Award, Acoustical Society India, 1996.


18th ISET Annual Lecture Indian Society of Earthquake Technology, 1997


A.K. Sen Memorial Lecture Award, IIT, Kharagpur, 1998.


Chairman and Organizer IUTAM Symposium on ‘Nonlinearity and Stochastic Structural Dynamics’, 4-8 January 1999,  IIT  Madras.


Invited Sectional Lecture, ICTAM, Chicago, USA. August 2000,


Swamy Rao Memorial Lecture Award, JNTU, Kakinada, 2001.


NRDC-Technology Day Award for ‘Pollution Control Device for Brick Kilns’ (Shared), 2001


Member, Editorial Board, J. of Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, Eisevier Applied Sciences, U.K.(1994-2004)

Member, Editorial Board, Sadhana, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

Member, Editorial Board, J. of Indian Soc. of Earthquake Technology.

Associate Editor, J. of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1987-92).



Membership of Professional Societies


Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India)

Life Member, Indian Science Congress

Life Member, Indian Society of Earthquake Technology.

Life Member, Indian Nuclear Society, Mumbai.

Life Member, Indian Geotechnical Society.


Professional Record

Raja Ramanna Fellow, Indian Institute of Science, August 2005-Continuing.

Visiting Professor, VIT (Deemed University), Vellore

Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1986-2005

Director, Central Building Research Institute, (CSIR) Roorkee, 1994-2000

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science, 1981-1986.

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, 1974-1981.

Lecturer, Indian Institute of Science, 1969-1974.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Aeronautics and Engineering Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, USA, 1970–1971.

Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Brooklyn Polytechnic, New York, USA, Feb-March 1971.

Research Associate, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA, April-July 1971.

Senior Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow: Univ. of Hannover, Germany, Oct 1978-Dec1979, May-July 1980 and April-June1992, Reinvited: 1997 and 2000.



Research Publications


A. Structural Dynamics, Random Vibration, Earthquake Engineering ( Refereed Journals)


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B.Atmospheric Sciences (Refereed Journals)

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C.History of Science (in Refereed Journals)

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D.General Articles (Some in Refereed Journals)

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E.Publications in Proceedings of Seminars and Symposia

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Courses Developed and Taught at IISc at Masters Level

Structural Mechanics.

Structural Dynamics

Theory of Vibration

Engineering Mathematics

Introduction to Random Vibration

Advanced Random Vibration

Design of Structures under Dynamic loading

Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

Statistical Methods in Meteorology


A Short term course entitled 'Probabilistic Approaches in Civil Engineering' for College Teachers was organized during 21 st Feb. to 4th March, 1977.

Eighteen lectures were delivered at IIT, Bombay in Dec. 1977, as part of an intensive course on 'Random Vibration'.

A Special course on ‘Earthquake Engineering' was developed for staff of M/s.  Tata Consulting Engineers, Bangalore, 1987.

Special course on 'Structural Dynamics’ was developed for M/s.  Kirloskar Electricals Limited, Bangalore, 1989.

A Special course on 'Structural Dynamics of Power Plant Equipments' was developed for BHEL, R&D, Hyderabad, 1991.


(Courses taught to be updated)




(Ph. D)



P.K. Das

‘Random Vibration of Nonlinear and Stochastic Systems’.


(Co-guide:C.V.Joga Rao)


K.J. Iyengar

'Inelastic Analysis of Structures under Impulsive and Random loads'.


(Co-guide: S.A. Ramu)


V.J. Sundaram

'Random Vibration and Fatigue of Viscoelastic Propellants'.


(Co-guide: A.K. Rao)


K.C. Prodhan

'Analysis Specification and Synthesis of Strong Motion             Earthquakes'.



C.S. Manohar

'Random Vibration of limit Cycle Systems and Stochastic Strings’.



G.V. Rao

'Vibration on Cables under Deterministic and Random Excitadon



O.R. Jaiswal

'Dynamic Analysis of Railway Tracks'.



D. Roy

'Chaotic and Random Response in Nolinear Oscillators’.



S.K. Agarwal

‘Strong Motion and Seismic Response of Soil Layers’ (From IIT Roorkee)








Engineering Models for Earthquake  Sources

Seismic hazard in NE India



Under progress

M.Sc. Engg.


K. Meera

'Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of a Railway Freight Car’.



R. Ravi

'Free Vibration of Rectangular Plates with Holes'.



O.R. Jaiswal

'Dynamic Analysis and Random Process Modelling of Railway Tracks'.



M. Varadarajan

'Spectrum compatible Random Processes as Earthquake Excitations'.



S. Basak

'Patterns of Variability of India Monsoon Rainfall’

(Submitted at Centre for Atmospheric Sciences).



S. Raghavachari

‘Vibration of Pipes Resting on Soil Medium’



D.S. Raju

‘Dynamics of Boiler Support Structures’




Seismic Microzonation of Delhi  City                    



Bishaka Basak

Critical Excitation and Inverse Approach in Random Vibration





R. Muthukrishnan

‘Some Studies in Aiiisotropic Circular Plates’.



B.N. Nagaraja

‘Dynamics of Beaiiis under Grinding Forces’



T.K. Saha

‘Response of Caiitilever Structures to Eartliquake Excitation’



G.M. Ammanagi

‘Stochastic Analysis of Monthly River Flows’



M.K. Divekar

'Software for Dynamics for Space Frames’



H.V. Shankar

‘Internal Consistency in Response Spectrum’



M.S. Madangopal

‘Free Vibrational Analysis of Elliptic and Pre forated Plates'



H.A. Visweswara

‘Software for Vibration and Hydrostatic Buckling of Ring Stiffened Cylindrical Shelf’



C.S. Manohar

‘Stochastic Critical Seismic Excitations’



N. Vedagiri

‘Application of the Component Element Method’



N. Mahendar

‘Seismic Respoiise of a Power Plant with Base Allowed to Uplift’



K.R. Reddy

‘Non-linear Rocking of a Rigid Block on Rigid Foundation’



D. Roy

‘Structural Dynamics of Spinning Beams’



Raman Kumar

Non-Gaussian excitation model in Random Vibration



Industrial Consultancy


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'Vibration of Multistage Thin Cylinders’, (with S.A. Ramu), Ministry of Defence, 1982-83.

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‘Seismic Stability of the Mullaperiyar Dam’ Govt. of Kerala. 2001-2002

‘Seismic Stability of Mullaperiyar-baby Dam’ govt. of Kerala 2002-2003


About 25 other consultancy projects in which Prof.R.N.Iyengar was personally involved, while he was Director CBRI, are not listed here.


Field Experience

Junior Engineer, Mysore State PWD, 1962-63.


Team Leader:  Field Investigations after Khilari (1993) , Chamoli (1999) and Kutch (2001)              Earthquakes.


Team Leader: Post-disaster Rehabilitation and Capacity Building Tasks at Latur and Chamoli