Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Course - 1

Soil Physics with Python

23 - 27 April 2018

This course presents concepts and problems in soil physics, and provides solutions using original computer programs. It provides a close examination of physical environments of soil, including an analysis of the movement of heat, water and gases. The Speaker employs the programming language PYTHON, which is now widely used for numerical problem solving in the sciences. In contrast to the majority of the literature on soil physics, this particular course focuses on arriving at the solution rather than derivation of differential equations for transport. Using numerical procedures to solve differential equations allows the solution of quite difficult problems with fairly simple mathematical tools. Numerical methods convert differential into algebraic equations, which can be solved using conventional methods of linear algebra. Each part of the module introduces a soil physics concept, and proceeds to develop computer programs to solve the equations and illustrate the points made in the discussion. The Course is suitable for advanced undergraduates, graduates and researchers of soil physics, geotechnical engineering, water resources management and hydrology. Once mastered, the code can be adopted and expanded for the user's own models, fostering further developments. The Python tools provide a simple syntax, Object Oriented Programming techniques, powerful mathematical and numerical tools, and a user friendly environment

Course Outcomes

  1. To get familiarized with various concepts of Soil Physics and understand the problems associated with it.
  2. To become comfortable with programing language Python and use it to solve differential equation using numerical methods.
  3. Using Python, solve the problems related to soil physics, geotechnical engineering, water resources and hydrology.

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